Thursday, September 29, 2011

Hello from Greece

We got to Athens yesterday,and it is working out to be quite an adventure. Flight was 9.5 hours long and we lost 7 more to time change. When we got to Athens we found out that the Metro which we planned on taking to the hotel was on strike, and so were the buses, and even the taxis. Luckily we found a private bus company shuttling people to the center of town. It got us to within a little more than a mile from our hotel. Thankfully our suitcases all had wheels because we has to walk about a half hour through some pretty scary neighborhoods. We even saw a group of about a dozen people shooting heroin in broad daylight. A lot of sleeping was in order by the time we got there.

Today the Metro was running, so we were able to take it to the historic district. We toured the Acropolis, the museum and about a dozen other ruins. A lot of very impressive history in this town for sure. Exactly what I imagined. We did a little shopping, a lot of walking and had some pretty good chow.

Tomorrow we have a few more hours in Athens then we take an overnight ferry to the island of Rhodes. Having a great time but looking forward to getting to the shooting.

I'll keep you updated as possible.


Rob said...

Glad to hear you guys are having fun. MUST HAVE PICTURES!

Tear it up, Ben!!

TOM L. said...

Thanks for update

Kirk M. said...

About time you checked in! Was going to put an APB out on you two!


AceEyeEd said...

All A's