Wednesday, December 7, 2011

3 man 3 gun update

There are only a couple days until the team 3 gun and I want to share some last minute information. Things are looking great and we are excited about this match. We have laid in thousands of clay birds, over 2000 drink bottles, prepped every piece of steel we own and done as much as we can to prepare our club.

This match will occur rain or shine, and although it is supposed to quit raining tonight and be clear on Sunday, it is raining here now and has rained for days. They are warning of possible floods, and we have not recovered from the September flood completely yet. Expect the ground to be muddy, but we will put stone in the free fire zones wherever anyone has to run. I suggest bringing boots, or shoes that may get wet, and a dry pair for the ride home. You may not need them, but it is better to be prepared. It may be cold, the forecast ids for the low 30s so dress appropriately. We may start some burn barrels if needed.

We will not be supplying food or drinks. The stat shack where we usually have food and drinks for sale was severely damaged by the flood and we have not gotten it fixed yet. Please bring drinks and food if you want them. There will not be an opportunity to leave the range and there is nothing real close so please take care of getting what you need on the way in.

We need everyone there not later than 9:00am. We will start the set up of the three front pits at 8:00am. Please come help if you can. Everyone must check in at registration (stat shack) by 9:00am. You may gear up after checking in. At 9:30 I need all the team captains to meet me at Pit 1 (the one with the white trailer) for the captain's briefing. The captains and I will do a quick, but mandatory walk-around to look at the stages and hopefully we'll be back in time to start shooting by 10:00am.

Firearms handling rules. It will be OK to load firearms into carts or holster handguns in the parking lot for this match. That is not how we usually do things at York, but it is common in the world of multi-gun. Please do not handle firearms and ammunition at the same time, this includes ammunition in magazines. Keep firearms pointed in a safe direction at all times. Sweeping people with unloaded firearms is still unacceptable. It is best to use a chamber flag, but open actions are OK, when transporting firearms. Cases and carts are preferred but slung in a safe direction is OK. We don't have a bunch of rifle racks at York yet, so keep that in mind.

Want to change to shooting for money? That's cool. Just pay the difference at check-in. There are several teams in Tac Ops, but only one in Limited and Outlaw. The more the merrier. The more teams there are shooting for cash the deeper it will go.

The written, text only, walk-through supercedes all other stage drawings and descriptions. The official walk-through in the sheet protector on each stage is the only one that matters. As in most matches things changed when they hit the ground. These changes are not huge, but we have to do what is needed. The written walk-through should be fairly easy to understand. We will go over all of them at the captain's breifing so every squad should remain consistent. Every squad will have 6-7 captains who were present for the breifing.

Safety is the most important thing. This match is going to be a ball. You won't believe it. It's like Top Shot meets multi-gun (and meets the Special Olympics for some of us ). The stages we have up so far look really cool, and it should be as much fun to watch as it is to shoot. Bring video cameras. But, we must never lose sight of the fact we are playing with very serious toys. Firearms are potentially dangerous. Be very vigilant. Watch what you are doing and look out for others. Advise others how to handle firearms safely as needed. Help them understand the safest way to shoot the stages. When you are the RO if you see something unsafe happening stop it. After it is stopped we can figure out whether it is a DQ or a reshoot, but don't hesitate to stop the shooter(s). I would rather give a million reshoots than have one person injured.

Spectators are welcome. They must wear eye and ear protection at all times just like the competitors. Like I said this should be a good match to watch.

One or two of my guys cancelled, what do I do? Show up anyway. We will figure out a way to get you on the range. I have a couple possible solutions. No one is going home without shooting.

Results? Expect results to be on this blog and our website not later than Tuesday night. maybe sooner if my guys are anxious.

I have a question. Email me. I will not be sending any more emails about this match. I will post questions and answers and anything else that come up on our blog. Be sure to check it periodically for info on this match. At the very least check it Saturday night.

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