Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Team York's' 2012 schedule of events

This is our plan for the coming year.  All dates and events are subject to adjustment, so stay tuned to this here blog for more info.  All pistol matches are USPSA, and the multiguns are our own breed of insanity, way too much fun.

The funshoots this year are undergoing a radical change, and should be more fun and appeal to a broader spectrum of shooter.  We have a plan that should appeal to new and experienced shooters alike.

January and February Funshoots have been replaced with Local RO Classes.   Each is a 2 part free class, the morning being aimed at training a small Cadre of FunShootRO's to help me on funshoot days in the safety ways of York, then the afternoon will continue as a more advanced USPSA type class for those interested in becoming an RO for our Action Shooting program.

Stay tuned, this is going to be an exciting year.

Month   Action Shooting           Funshoots
Jan       Stake shoot, weather permitting                Local RO class
Feb       Steel shoot, weather permitting                Local RO Class
March   8 sage USPSA pistol classifier                 FunShoot
April     5  USPSA pistol - 3 shotgun/pistol multi   FunShoot
May     3M3G                                                      Falling Steel Shoot
June     5 USPSA pistol - 3 rifle/pistol multi           FunShoot
July      PASSC                                                    FunShoot
Aug     5 USPSA pistol - 3 Shotgun/pistol multi     Falling Steel Shoot
Sept    3M3G                                                       FunShoot
Oct     5 USPSA pistol - 3 rifle/pistol multi            FunShoot
Nov     8 USPSA pistol only                                Nothing
Dec     Nothing, go home and lick your wounds.   See you next year.


Jeremy M said...

Are all matches still the second Sunday of the month?

Rob said...

USPSA matches are second Sunday, except for the Spring 3m3g. Funshoots are typically the fourth Saturday.

Anonymous said...

Kindly provide details on the Jan 8 "Stake Shoot." (Pre)Registration, expected start and end times, round counts, stages, etc... Thanks

Gary S said...

Details fro all events will be posted here, about a week in advance.

Darryl said...

Hi guys I didn't see the CED/Mid Atlantic Match on the list....

Howard C. Thompson said...

We're not hosting it this year.

japorms said...

Why all the dates are off from weekend?

Howard C. Thompson said...


All but one of the USPSA dates is a Sunday, All the fun shoot dates are Saturdays.

You must have an out of date calendar.

japorms said...

Sorry... I got it righy