Saturday, December 10, 2011

Recent 3M3G questions with answers

- Can I use a drop leg holster?  Yes, just about anything but shoulder holsters or cross-draw holsters is OK providing they cover the trigger guard and retain the firearm. 

- Did I read somewhere that each member of my team has to use each gun twice?  Yes, it will lead to less specialization.  Everyone must be able to use every gun, but there are plans that allow your team to use your talents wisely and hide minor deficiencies.

- Is it a big deal to change divisions?  No, you can change divisions right up until 9:00 am Sunday.  You can also buy into the "shooting for cash" option.

- We're worried one of my teamates might not show up.  What should we do?  Show up anyway.  We'll get you hooked up one way or the other.  Nobody is going home without shooting.  Then find a new guy you don't ave to worry about for next year.  We'll be having two 3 man 3 guns at York, Topton is planning on having 2, and there will be one at Peacemaker too.  This sport is starting to take off and there's no room for guys who can't be counted on.

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