Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Funshoot Results

Finally!  Sorry for the delay folks, got totally wrapped up in my own thing, and it slipped.
Thanks to everyone who came out, a few of us were real beat by the end of the second flight, but it was worth it to see your smiles.

I got a few good suggestions for future targets and such from a couple of shooters, please letme know what you want, and I will do my best to see that it happens.  Catch me at the range, or at

Production Pistol Carbine
John L 182.83 Barney K 109.94
Sean H 195.73
Steven R 198.52 Carbine/Shotgun
Ian P 199.05 Gary S 107.96
Dave H 207.55
Lee H 209.71 Tac-Ops Pistol Shotgun
Phil M 235.44 Anthony A 132.71
Sephen R 236.98 Dave W 137.42
Rick V 238.71 Brennan K 141.9
Dustin N 240.69 Barney K 148.52
Jim L 242.95 George D 150.96
Jeff S 257.26 Anthony A 152.87
Paige D 278.49
Robert T 282.2 Tac Ops Shotgun
Evan S 294.51 Kirk M 95.21
William B 336.14 Kirk M2 98.11
Ryan S 390.39
Open Pistol/Shotgun
Limited Pistol Gary P 175.28
Gary S 145.77 Art L 184.84
Robert G 177.2
Dustin N 234.35
Dave C 237.99
Kyle B 316.43
Open Pistol
Brian S 104.12
Jim B 187.59
Doug H 242.52
Single Stack Pistol
Roger P 225.05
Rob S 235.4
Mary H 285
Tom L 290.15
Jim K 295.82
Chet W 352.63
Bill S 406.5

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