Sunday, May 20, 2012

May 26th Falling Steel Fun Shoot

On Saturday May 26th we will be hosting a falling steel fun shoot that should interest both the regular fun shoot crowd, the USPSA shooters, and the multi-gunners.  It will be exactly like our February falling steel match and there will be plenty of options available for everyone.

The fee will be $15, there will be about 100 pieces of steel,  and you may shoot at either 10:00am or 1:00pm.  We will not be taking sign ups for both time slots at this time.  By about Wednesday if the match isn't filled up, as I expect it to, we may take people for second time slots, check back to see.  There will not be any payout for this as it is a fun shoot. 

No rimfires will be allowed in this shoot.  It's just too complicated to run centerfire and rimfire together in a falling steel match.

The following types of guns will be allowed:
CF Pistol
CF Pistol caliber carbine
Shotgun (6 or smaller shot only)

Combinations as follow are also allowed:
CF Pistol and CF Carbine
CF Pistol and Shotgun
CF Carbine and Shotgun

Within each type of gun used it will fall into one of these divisions:
Single Stack

To sign up email us at with your name, type of gun, division, and requested time slot. 

Remember this is Memorial Day weekend.  Check with the wife before you sign up.

Don't hesitate to sign up if you want to shoot as this match filled up very quickly last time, but don't sign up if you're not going to be there either.  Persistent no shows will be banned.

Watch the blog for more details.

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