Sunday, August 19, 2012

August FunShoot signup

York IWLA presents our August FunShoot, this Saturday, the 25th of August.

Consisting of just under 100 targets, This shoot will be open to all standard caliber handguns and carbines, with a hybrid class for handgun/shotgun (7 1/2 shot or smaller, 10 slugs minimum).

This month we will have 6-7 stages including steel, USPSA action, gallery of stuff, choose your own clays, PPC, and featuring the return of the ever popular RED DAWN! stage, with a wonderfully fun twist for the shotgun crowd.

There will be 3 scoring classes:
Points, where you will be scored by total points in an exact round count count,
Timed, where the fastet gun to smash all targets wins,
IDC, a non scored option where you do pretty much what you want, as long as you are safe, within reason, and under the guidance of your squad Range Officer.

It worked so well last month, we are going to start a early again to get every one on their way by noonish, so check-in starts at 7:30, shooter brief about 8:15 and shooting 'round 8:30.

Cost is $15 adults, $5 for under 18.  There will NOT be food or drink for sale.  There will be a cooler or two with water, so please stay hydrated.

preregister now at  We will only be accepting 50 shooters max.

Remember, York is a cold range, please have all firearms unloaded and secured when you arrive at the range, including CC permit holders.  Handle firearms only after you register, and only at the safe tables and under direction of a range officer.

See you all Saturday


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