Saturday, April 13, 2013

Team match Sunday

I have answers to a couple questions that I have received recently:

1. We will be enforcing the FNH rules on mag capacity Sunday.  30 rounds max in your rifle unless you're shooting Open.  And only centerfire rifles will be allowed.

2. If you have member (or two) back out of your team last minute plan on shooting anyway.   We'll get your team patched up and back on the field.  Likewise, if you never got on a team we'll make every attempt to get you on one.

3. By 9:00am your captain should check your team in at registration which will be in the little room between the rifle range and pistol range pavilions.  Let Dave know if your whole team is present or not.  If it's not stay there so we can find you what you need.

Here is the email I sent the team captains Monday with some last minute details:

8:00 am – We’ll be finishing up match set-up. Please pitch in if you can.
9:00 am – Captains check in and get score sheets.
9:15 am – Captains briefing.  I’ll take you on a quick tour of the stages.
9:50 am – Match briefing.  Very brief.
10:00 am – First shots fired.
The group that has done lunch for our last several matches will be doing food again.  Plan on eating lunch at some point between stages.  The food is very good and affordable.  They will also have drinks available.
Two things we would like you to bring along if you have them are timers, and binoculars for calling hits on the rifle range.
Shooters will not be allowed to pick up any brass during the match.  The penalty will be a 20 second penalty per occurrence.  If they become a habitual problem they will be asked to leave.  It's not worth holding the match up for. They will be allowed to pick up brass after teardown is complete.
Two notes on safety:
- You may unbag your firearms at your vehicles and load them into your range carts.  You may also holster at your vehicles for this match.  You may not handle ammunition either loose or in mags and your firearms at the same time anywhere except at the firing line under RO supervision.  Firearms must be kept unloaded until you are ordered to do so.  No ammo in the gun at all.
- Anytime you abandon a firearm during a course of fire it must be in a safe condition.  This means either safety on, or completely empty (no ammo anywhere inside gun or attached mag).  We will not be down range of any abandoned firearms on any stages this match so they do not have to be unloaded if the safety is on.
The official stage briefings are attached to this email.  They are accurate at this point and supercede the drawings.  They are subject to changes up until the first shot fired.
Additional changes to the stages include:
Pit 1: There will be 6 bunkers instead of 4.
Pit 2: None
Pit 3: The positions, approximate distances, and targets will be – 80 yards to three b/c zones that must be shot from a 2’x2’ box with no barricade, 110 yards to three 6” circles that must be shot from a Vtac barricade using any port, rest or position you like, and three skinny sammies at 140 yards from behind a fault line with no barricade (prone will be an option at both of the latter).   We made this stage closer and easier than originally intended because there was some concern over the scarcity and expense of rifle ammo.  It should therefore be a much faster stage.
Pit 5: The placement of the targets are not the same as on the drawing.  The numbers of targets are accurate.  You will be allowed to shoot clays with pistol.  Any shooter may engage any steel with pistol.
Pit 6: There are no-shoots on this stage.  Shooters will be allowed to use pistols and/or rifles on this stage.
Pit 7: Five of the poppers on each side have been replaced by Texas Stars. So there are still 24 pieces of steel that anyone can shoot with either pistol or shotgun.  This should still be a very fast stage.
I will tell you now, because I have been asked a few times already, there are no surprises this match.  No give-aways, no t-shirts, no special targets.  I do have some tricks up my sleeves, but I’m saving it for the fall.
See you tomorrow, Howard

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