Friday, August 29, 2014

2014 FNH Rules Quiz #2

This self graded quiz is intended for all staff of the 2014 FNH Championships as well as the regular staff and shooters of York Izaak Walton.  No only will studying the rules make you a better RO it will help you to be a safer shooter.

Use the rules to help you.  Link to rules:

Do not use the 2013 rules.  A lot has changed.

Make the call, and cite the applicable rule for each scenario, then check the comments to see the answers.  If you would like more clarification comment and ask.

Don't just guess or think about last year.  A lot of things are different this year.  Take the time to find the right rule.  People pay a lot of money to prepare for, get to, stay at, and shoot this match.  It is our obligation to do the best job we can do.

#1 The shooter mistakenly shoots a piece of steel with a slug where he should have used shot.  The distance to the steel was only 11 yards.  What is the penalty?

#2  Can a shooter stage ammo?

#3 The shooter has an accidental discharge during a reload.  What is the penalty?

#4 The shooter puts his shotgun in the designated long gun bunker, but he does so muzzle up (yeah, this actually happened last year).  What is the penalty?

#5  The shooter's unloaded pistol falls from his holster retying his shoelaces while he is on deck. What is the penalty?

#6 The shooter doesn't like the call the RO has made and the CRO confirms.  What is his recourse?

#7  The shooter has a 1-4x scope on his rifle for the pit stages, but when he gets up on the hill he decides to unmount the 1-4x and mount and use his pre-zeroed 4-12x.  Is this allowed?

#8 The shooter bunkers his loaded rifle in a designated grounding container muzzle down, but the RO upon checking it finds the safety in between "safe" and "fire", and it's not clear whether it is on "safe" or not.  What should he do?

Good luck, Howard


Howard C. Thompson said...

1. Rule says shooting steel with a slug closer than 90 feet is a Match DQ.

2. A shooter may not stage ammo unless the written stage briefing specifically allows it. The penalty would be one procedural as per 6.1.10

3. Rule 2.4.3 specifically says that an AD during a reload is a Match DQ. It doesn't matter where the bullet went.

4. Rules and state that the gun must be muzzle down. The penalty for bunkering muzzle up is a match DQ.

5. If the shooter calls for a match official to pick it up for him and it is indeed unloaded and before "load and make ready" or after "range is clear" there is no penalty as per rule 2.5.11.

6. The only recourse would be to appeal to the Range Master. His decision is final. There is no provision for arbitration this year.

7. Changing scopes is specifically not allowed as per rule 4.4. Call for RM. He will investigate and penalize if necessary.

8. Do not touch the safety. Call for RM and let him make the determination.

Dave W said...

What does 'staging' ammo mean?

Howard C. Thompson said...

Lying ammo or a magazine somewhere on the stage for later use. The main reason we don't allow it is the time it takes to do it. The rule will be "ammo must only come off of your person, with the exception of ammo dropped during the course of fire accidentally which may be retrieved provided it is done in a safe manner."