Wednesday, August 13, 2014

2104 FNH Rules quiz #1

This self graded quiz is intended for all staff of the 2014 FNH Championships as well as the regular staff and shooters of York Izaak Walton.  No only will studying the rules make you a better RO it will help you to be a safer shooter.

Use the rules to help you.  Link to rules:

Do not use the 2013 rules.  A lot has changed.

Make the call, and cite the applicable rule for each scenario, then check the comments to see the answers.  If you would like more clarification comment and ask.

Good luck, Howard

1. A shooter engages 8 plates with a shotgun, then to unload fires the last shot in the gun at the area where the plates were, but are no longer.  What if any is the penalty?

2. Removed.

3. Removed.

4. What is the penalty if any for distracting another shooter?  What if the guy was trying to help?

5. A shooter grounds his rifle in a safe manner on the table he picked it up from instead of the supplied long gun bunker.  No one is able to go downrange of it.  What is the penalty if any?

6. A shooter has stippled his handgun grips, ground out the area around his shotgun loading port, and milled a dovetail in the rib of his shotgun to insert a rear sight.  He has also installed barricade stops on his rifle and installed sling mounts on both his rifle and shotgun.  Do any of these modifications violate rule #5.3.1?

7. A shooter draws his handgun, which has magazine inserted and slide forward on an empty chamber at the start, during a course of fire, decides not to use it, does not rack the slide, and reholsters it without dropping the mag first.  What is the penalty if any?

8. A shooter sees that a claybird has a grey mark on the edge of a clay that the RO has called an un-hit target.  He argues that the mark is obviously caused by shot.  What is the correct call?

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Howard C. Thompson said...

1. No penalty. Rule 2.5.6 means that you may not shoot to unload in an indiscriminate manner. The intent is to keep people from firing rounds over the berms or into the ground where they may skip. If the shooter shoots at the area where the plates were that is safe.

2. Removed

3. Rule 6.2.2 means we will be adding the final stages times together to determine match results. All stages will not be factored or equal.

4. Rule Disrupting or coaching shall result in a Match DQ. The RO may at their discretion give a warning if possible and warranted.

5. A 20 second procedural. What the shooter did was not unsafe. He did not follow the written stage description and as such is given a procedural penalty. In past versions this was a Match DQ but that was harsh when in reality nothing unsafe was done. However if the shooter or RO would go downrange of the firearm it is still a match DQ as the muzzle is not in a safe direction i.e. in a long gun bunker pointed into the ground.

6. No, rule 5.3.1 is intended to prevent radical alterations not typical in the division. Examples would be weights or lights, but there are more possibilities.

7. Match DQ. Rule states that a shooter may not reholster a loaded firearm during a course of fire. If there is no safe abandonment container on the stage a shooter may reholster a completely unloaded handgun without penalty. ( If there is an abandonment container on the stage and he reholsters a completely unloaded gun he earns a 20 second procedural penalty. (

8. Assuming he did engage the target it is an un-hit target and the penalty is 10 seconds ( Rule 6.1.7 states that the bird must piece missing. Grey marks don't do it. The piece missing may be small but must be visible. I'm thinking bigger than a piece of 8 shot. A single shot hole through the bird will also cause a bird to be considered "broken".