Monday, August 11, 2014

Results are up

Results for the August action matches are available.

Front pit match

Back Pit match

Sorry for the delay.  There were some technical difficulties with the back pit scores.  Although they are correct as far as placement, some of them do not have the penalties broken down as such.  The final times are correct.

Next month on September 14th, we will be hosting a Blasphemous Steel match which is our version of the Steel Challenge.   You can shoot it pretty much like a standard steel challenge, or you can use our twisted method which allows for a two or three gun option.  We will likely only run 5 stages with a maximimum of 12 shooters per squad, and this match will fill up very quickly.  Expect to see the invite here on this blog on September 7th and follow the instructions carefully.

Thanks for coming out yesterday, especially those of you who showed up early to help set up, and stayed late to help tear down.

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