Saturday, January 16, 2016

2016 Mid-Atlantic Multi-Gun Championship

The 2016 MAMGC is filling up.  We already have more participants signed up than last year.  If you haven't sent your application in yet I suggest you do it soon, particularly if you want to shoot on a specific day or to be squadded with your friends.  

You can expect the format to be very similar to last year’s match.  We plan on having 7 great multi-gun stages that test your full array of skills again. If you’ve ever shot our matches you recognize we don’t have trickery at York, just the opportunity to outshoot the other competitors.  You won’t win our matches by having great memorization skills, unusual physical abilities, or specialty equipment.  We just challenge your shooting prowess.  The stages will be posted for you to study well ahead of time like they were in previous years so nobody has an advantage there either.

This year we will also be including lunch and T-shirts in your match fee again, and we will be upgrading to moisture wicking (Under Armor type material) shirts.  In 2015 Magpul generously supplied magazines that every competitor received at registration.  We’re going to try to top that in 2016, adding value to all shooters without taking from the prize table.

The feedback about our range expansion and prop improvement was overwhelming.  The quality and quantity of hard-working staff was also very much appreciated by all the shooters.  We are already working on some new ideas and we will continue to improve this match for you.

This is a great match and we offer things no one else in our area does:
- The ability to shoot a 7 stage multi-gun match in a single day.
- No need to take off multiple days of work to shoot a major match.
- Savings by not needing hotels and expenses necessary for most majors.
- Cash payouts that mean you don’t have to wait around for prize table.
- Generous prizes using a unique system that pays some people farther down the list than most matches.

You may notice that we have raised the match fee from $100 to $120.  We think this is still a great value and this allows the club to make a little more profit.  More importantly we will be able to add more cash to the prize table.  In 2016 if we sell out we will pay out almost $8000, with the match winner taking home $1000.

Here's the link to that application


Howard C. Thompson said...

We are down to 10 slots left on Saturday and 12 on Sunday. If you don't have your application in the mail soon you're going to be out of luck.

Evan Doss said...

Just moved to the DMV area, are there any openings in this match still?