Monday, January 18, 2016

January 2016 FunShoot

Our 2016 FunShoot season kicks off this coming Saturday the 23rd, maybe.......

Snowmaghedden 2016 is predicted to hit Friday/Saturday with upwards of whotheheckknowsatthispoint inches of snow. If that happens, we all stay home by the fire and watch it fall.

If it misses us, we will be shooting steel in the back pits, I'm thinking of keeping it simple in the snow/ice/definitely cold, and running up to 4 stages of steel, of various complexity, with no movement, in pistol only this month.

Show up 'round 10, start shooting by 10:30.  We'll play it by ear.
 $20 to shoot all you want for a couple of hours, best deal of the weekend in town.

Again this year, we will be sponsoring the Mason Dixon Claybusters SSP team.  This is a group of kids, ages 12 thru 23, and they will be shooting speed steel.  This is similar to Steel Challenge, is shot with .22 pistols only, and practices are held at IWLA after each of our FunShoots, January thru June. There is a regional match at IWLA in early June, and national competitions in July. And guess who is their head coach this year, yup, me.

If your child is interested please visit for more information on registration. There is also an informal "meet the coaches night" at Jefferson Sportsmans club, this Wednesday the 20th at  6pm.

The first practice will be this Saturday at 2pm, starting in the IWLA clubhouse with a safety orientation, followed by some range time, weather permitting. Please email coach Roger at Mason Dixon Claybusters (see previous link) or myself ( with any questions.

Look here Thursday and Friday for weather related schedule updates.



Gary S said...

The pistol orientation for the kids at 2 pm is cancelled.

Final word on the FunShoot as a whole Thursday evening.

Garima said...