Saturday, August 15, 2020

Fun Shoot August 22nd

 Saturday, August 22nd we will be hosting out first Fun Shoot since March.

There will be 5 stages with 25-30 pieces of steel on each.  There will be no timers.  You will not need a holster.  You may use either if you like.  This is a laid back event and you can do just about anything you like as long as you're safe.  You can shoot any standard caliber handgun or carbine (no magnums or anything faster than 1300 fps).  Shotguns are fine to use with low brass 7.5 or 8 shot.  22lr is OK.  .300 BLK subsonic is ok.  You can switch guns between stages,  You can use two guns per stage (max).  Two or more people can shoot as a team.  There will be one or two stages where people can shoot against each other if they want to.  Just be safe.  Kids and new shooters are welcome.

All guns should be unloaded before entering the club grounds.  Handguns will be carried without any magazine inserted in a holster, bag or case.  Long guns will have chamber flags (which we have for sale) and in a cart, case or on a sling.  Eye and ear protection is mandatory, at all times, even for spectators (which are welcome).

The entry fee is $20 for 18 and over.  $5 for under 18.  There is no advance sign up.  Just be there before 8:30 am if you want to shoot (after 8:30 if you want to be a spectator).  We will do a match briefing at 8:45 and be shooting by 9:00 am.


Unknown said...

Does the entry fee apply to spectators as well? Or only shooters?

Jim Liang said...

Only shooters.