Monday, August 3, 2020

Intro to 3 Gun

So you think you want to shoot 3 Gun?  I'm willing to help you learn more about it.  The next match at Izaak Walton is Sunday, August 9th.  I'll be meeting people at 9:00 am at the club and giving a two hour guided tour of the 3 Gun match.  We think seeing a 3 Gun match in person before you try it is an important first step.  Having me with you to answer questions and explain what is going on should be pretty valuable.  We will also be discussing the possibility of hosting a 3 Gun clinic or class for new people in the fall.

This will be free.  Email me at "howard762 at" if you're interested and I'll tell you where to meet me.  All you'll need to bring is your eye and ear protection.  If you have firearms you think are suitable for 3 Gun and want my opinion you may bring them but don't bring any ammo.  There won't be any shooting Sunday.

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