Sunday, February 22, 2009

Feb FunShoot!!! Yee haaaa!

This months funshoot is Saturday Feb 28.

It will be a near carbon copy of last month (most of the steel is still frozen in place), with 3 or 4 stages of steel, choose your own, Bulls-eye and PPC, as well as a new, shooter inspired, stage, as yet to be named, but rest assured, the stage will be decidedly evil. Round count between 100 and 150.

We are adding something new:

Given the surprising response to the USPSA starter class last month, I am adding a USPSA squad to the funshoot. This will be a squad that will run the funshoot as if it were a USPSA match, with the proper commands, rules and timer and such, as practice for those of you who are interested in competing in our USPSA monthly match. This squad is completely VOLUNTARY, and will be run by Howard T. Every other squad will be as usual. Pre -registration is not necessary for this squad, but would be helpful if you let me know.

Setup at 9:00a
registration closes at 10 am
shooters brief at 10:15a
shooting at 10:30a.

fee is $15

A note about gear:
Any standard handgun that can hold a minimum of 6 rounds is required, and all start positions are from the low ready. You can carry your gun from a holster or bag or box or whatever.

Absolutely NO gun handling anywhere but the safe table and the firing line, when instructed, anyone with questions, please ask at registration and we will help you out.


Brian said...

I would like to attend this event. New to the sport (not to firearms)and would like to learn.

How much ammo should one bring?

Hope to see you Saturday.

Howard said...

150 probably enough. I take 200 just to be on safe side.