Saturday, February 14, 2009

In order to shoot one of our USPSA matches...

Last year we had several new shooters who lied about their qualifications to shoot in our matches. There were some very unsafe acts, and their ignorance of of rules and procedures, inefficiency, and inabilty to follow directions fouled up two of our matches very badly. We won't let it happen again. To these ends we have drastically overhauled our process and we have strict rules governing who will be allowed to shoot our matches his year.

Unclassified shooters who have not successfully competed in a USPSA match at York Izaak Walton in the past, must pass a safety check. This safety check will only take a half hour or so, and there will be no exceptions to this rule. Make arrangements with the Match Director at to schedule one. We will do them on some match days, but not all. We can also try to arrange on on a non-match day at our mutual convenience.

If you are new to USPSA please check out my series of free videos on you tube that explain many of the fundamentals of our sport.
USPSA 101 The basic equipment
USPSA 102 The divisions
USPSA 103 Protocols
USPSA 104 Targets and scoring
USPSA 105 Power factor
USPSA 106 Range commands
USPSA 107 Important rules
USPSA 108 Miscellaneous terms

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