Sunday, March 29, 2009

Range Safety

It seems like common sense to me, but apparently not everyone thinks like I do, so I'm going to spell it out for you.

When you show up to any of the organized matches, either USPSA or fun shoots, you must follow there rules:

1. Your gun(s) must be unloaded, and separate from any loaded magazines, and separate from any ammunition when you arrive at the club.

2. Any gun(s) you are not using in the match today should be left in a locked vehicle, not lying around the range.

3. You may only handle your gun(s) in a designated safety area or as commanded by a range officer. Your vehicle is not a designated safety area by the way.

4. You may not handle loaded magazines or ammunition in the safety area.

5. You may not load your gun, or possess a loaded gun anywhere on club ground except under the direction of a range officer.

6. Guns, whether they are loaded or not, may only be pointed downrange. Allowing the muzzle to wander uprange even if unloaded is unacceptable.

Failure to follow any of these rules at any time will result in match disqualifacation and especially flagrant or repeated offenses may result in your not being invited back.

If you have any questions about gun or ammuntion handling ask a match official before you do something stupid.

I have personally seen several violations of the above rules in the last few months at both USPSA matches, and fun shoots, and we will not be issuing any more warnings. All of my range officers and match officials will be watching carefully, and have to right to disqualify you at any event. From this point forward any safety violations will result in you being able to get home early to watch that TV show you were thinking about.

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Anonymous said...

I have found a few ranges with holster restrictions such as drop leg and/or serpa type. Does York have any problem with any particular holster or any other accessory?