Saturday, March 7, 2009

A request from the Stats lady

"Hi - Dawn the stats girl here...This blog is to share info on getting the stats out quickly and accurately.

Things that help me to enter data accurately: Include your name and shooter number on the scoresheets. It helps to put the name that is in the database rather than nicknames, initials, etc. I know some of the shooters by name but not most of you so it is difficult to enter the stats if I don't have both the name and shooter number. This is really important in multi gun matches.

When you register, please include all the information so I can make sure it is scored correctly. If you don't circle major or minor, open or limited, I just leave what was in there. That may or may not be accurate. If it's not accurate, we have to go back and change score results and recalculate.

Fill out your score sheets completely. Don't forget to fill in the number of steel hit - some people actually miss the steel - or give up, so steel is not always all A's. If it is left blank, I don't know if it should be A's or misses. Add your columns and make sure the total matches the total round count for the stage. I get a fair number of sheets that do not add up. Then we have to track down the person, etc. etc.

Include times on the sheet - believe it or not, I've gotten a lot of score sheets without times. Shooters signed off on the sheet. The sign off on the score sheet should mean that you actually looked at the sheet to make sure it was accurate.

Finally, bring your scoresheets up to the stat shack promptly. If you're coming from the back - bring up sheets. The sooner I get them, the sooner I can enter them. This helps me get the scores out quickly.

What do you need to simplify the scoring process?

Thanks, Dawn"

Dawn does a hell of a job. Let's make her job as easy as possible. Howard

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