Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Steel Challenge Clarifications

-There was a contradiction between my email and this website. The email said only one gun and this blog said two are allowed. You may use two different guns Sunday. You must have enough mags for both (5) and be ready to go when it's your turn. You must also pay the full registration fee for each.

-As to power factor; we are limiting the power factor to 150, and velocity to 1350 fps on all ammo ( primarily for hyper velocity 22lr ) to protect the steel.
Let me be crystal clear here, if we believe that your ammo exceeds this and is damaging our steel we will take you and your gun to pit 8, set up a chronograph, and shoot 3 rounds through it. We will take the average velocity in feet per second multiply it by your bullet weight, and divide that number by 1000. If that number, also known as power factor is greater than 150, you will be disqualified for the day. You will not get a refund, and you cannot change to a different gun or ammo. Maybe, depending on your attitude and/or the level of damage you caused, you will not be allowed back to our club. You will have messed up by ignoring all the warnings, and probably have damaged our $6500 set of steel. All you need to do is make a mark on the steel, not run a round thru it.

-There will be a chronograph setup on pit 1, the morning of the shoot that all may use (when supervised) to check the power factor and velocity of your ammo, if you need to. Remember most box .40 and .45 will be too hot, so plan accordingly.

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