Sunday, January 31, 2010

Steel Challenge results

The Steel Challenge was a success today thanks to my dedicated staff and 40 brave shooters who proved that being hard-headed trumps temperatures in the teens. Quick set up and 17 degrees led me to the decision to send some squads out early and we had some shooters finishing up around noon. By 1:15pm we were putting stuff away and the last shooters to hit the ranges were wrapping up, and no one froze to death. I believe a good time was had by all.

Our January Steel Master was Greg Jordan completing all 6 stages in a combined 67.75 seconds. He won Iron Sighted Rimfire.

Ben Thompson wasn't far behind in either of the two divisions he shot, posting 70.27 seconds in Scoped Rimfire, and 71.50 in Open.

Chris Rhines won Carbine Optics with a 72 flat against stiff competition in that division.

I got lucky and won Production with a total time of 82.54 seconds. Not too shabby for an old man with a tupperware gun.

Brian Shank won Limited with a total of 140.18 seconds.

The full results should be posted to our website soon, and I have them available now as a word document. If you haven't received a copy by email yet, but would like one let me know.

Thanks again to all involved, H-

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Dave W said...

Where can I buy a 'tupperware gun'?

I don't think they're even legal!