Sunday, March 13, 2011

Steel Challenge Results

I'm really glad I cut off sign up when I did! Some good people were left out today, but the squads were already huge, and the day was very long. But, from all reports everyone had a good time. Kirk and I thank everyone who came out today and shot and especially those who worked to make this thing happen. From what we saw the experienced guys did a great job of working the rust out, and the new guys did really well too. We look froward to shooting with all of you again this season.

I haven't figured out the payouts yet, and I'm not going to post pictures tonight, but I wanted to get the results up. So without further ado here they are:

Rimfire scoped
46.96 Ben Thompson
48.72 Robby Orent
58.40 Louis Lara
59.52 Brian Stupar
61.20 Brian Shanholtz
69.08 Michael Shoemaker
71.66 Paul Nowotarski
71.93 Brian Shank
74.30 Bill Hearne
76.91 Kent Gittings
100.24 Will Hearne
104.88 Bob Schmelz
106.93 Angie Jordan
150.91 Jared Jordan

60.21 Mike Stephens
61.40 Kirk McWilliams
64.81 Bill Hearne
69.09 Howard Thompson
72.64 Rob Burkendine
76.31 Gary Swope
77.61 Colin Wynne
78.97 Bryan Charboneau
81.33 Kent Gittings
87.14 Jeremy Missimer
92.69 Mike Albanese
95.11 Dave Albanese
98.58 John Zeigler
128.35 Jerry Missimer

Open Centerfire
61.97 Ben Thompson
69.62 Louis Lara
77.49 Tom Gallup
80.09 Gary Parsons
87.87 Dave Minnich
88.77 Michael Shoemaker
91.86 Mike Gottlieb
104.46 Dave Scordy
133.46 Darryl White
140.50 Art Lee

63.84 Greg Jordan
108.16 Paul Ellis
114.19 ColinWynne
117.54 Brian Stupar
121.22 Gerry Velasco
160.30 Tom Levenhagen

Rimfire Irons
64.69 Brian Shanholtz
66.86 Howard Thompson
77.84 Dave DiFonzo
78.02 Kirk McWilliams
79.16 Mark McCullough
79.24 Mark Cooper
89.70 Walt Romaniw
92.93 Dan Stumpf
101.21 Gary Swope
128.51 Roger Beardsley
149.76 Kevin Myers
150.22 Nina Williams
164.49 Chet Wise

99.36 Lucito Lara
100.59 Rob Burkendine
104.44 Paul Ellis
104.69 Steve Mease
106.67 Walt Romaniw
107.71 Marty Kalister
115.57 Bob Schmelz
117.88 Mike Stephens
118.50 Glen Mattheu
119.04 Bryan Charboneau
119.52 Darryl White
119.73 Logan Brown
131.38 Jim Stauffer
143.39 Bernie Stauffer
144.19 John Lerch
146.69 James Evans
147.11 Roger Evans
148.17 Jeremy Missimer
152.84 Paul Krick
171.69 Bob Spangler
177.57 Ed Reinhart
183.89 Jerry Missimer
201.49 Greg Hofstrand
217.14 Phil Matte
234.54 Bob Whiteford
257.06 Lee Hankey
389.38 Sonia Williams

Check back tomorrow or Tuesday and I should have some pictures from today here. And if you enjoyed today be sure to sign up for the PA State Steel Challenge we'll be hosting in July. Link to application

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Anonymous said...

Thank you once again for putting on an awesome match!!!