Friday, March 18, 2011

The welcome back nice weather shooting tip

So Spring is here and you're itching to burn up the ammo you've been loading all winter. We all are. But take this friendly advice to heart. Start out slow and simple. Don't expect to be as fast as you were at the end of last season. Months of TV and holiday parties didn't make you any better. In fact, if you're human like the rest of us you're rusty.

Start off with the basics. Every Spring Ben and I do an entire practice working on the draw, the reload, and shooting nothing but As. We start off ridiculously close to the targets and work ourselves away from them progressively, only as fast as we can hit all As. We also put a lot of emphasis on being smooth and efficient in both the draw and the reload. The mechanics are more important than the speed at this point. In fact we only use the timer for a start signal. We go as fast as we can shoot all As. No faster. If we're not shooting all As we're either going too fast or too far away. It's better to slow down on this set of drills. Time doesn't matter until you are nearing perfection. We try to work our way back to 50 yards doing this. If we're shooting well enough we make it back there pretty quickly. If we're not we stay close as long as it takes.

These simple skills are used on every stage and are the foundation you have to build properly in order to do everything else well. Transitions, and movement are equally important but wait until you put a day or two in on these basics and it will pay off in the long run.

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