Thursday, March 31, 2011

3 man 3 gun details

A few important details regarding our 3 man 3 gun Sunday:

The schedule:
8:00 we will finish set-up - all help is appreciated

9:00 - 9:20 Captains check in at the stat shack. If there are any changes in division be sure to let us know at check in.

9:30 Captains briefing - I will take all of the captains around for a really short stage introduction.

As soon as the captains return from the stage tour we will do a short match briefing and send the squads out.

- All firearms must be unloaded prior to entering club grounds, and remain that way all day, unless under RO supervision. Your vehicle is not a safe area. If you are a CCW holder please leave it locked in vehicle. If you're using you carry gun for the match unload it at home and keep a loaded mag handy.

- It is acceptable to carry long guns from stage to stage in cases, on carts, or muzzle up. We just don't want to see them carried haphazardly. We will require everyone to use a chamber flag in all long guns. We will be giving them away at the stat shack if you don't have them.

- We will be preloading shotguns on some stages, but only under RO supervision. Even then the guns must have empty chambers. You will be instructed when and how to do this. Don't do it until told by an RO.

- Whenever a gun is staged on a table, or laid down during a course of fire it must either have the safety on, or be unloaded with an empty chamber. The penalty for leaving a firearm in an unsafe manner will be a match DQ. At no point in this match will anyone be downrange of any guns loaded or unloaded.

- Unsafe gun handling will result in a match DQ. If you don't know be sure to ask.

- At times your team will firing from a common firing line at the same time, be especially mindful of the 180 in these situations. The stages that require this will be set up to be extremely safe, but be careful, especially during reloads, draws etc.

- Stacking of shots will never be allowed on any of the stages. It will result in a zero for the stage. An example of stacking would be on stage 1 where 6 shots are required on each target, and each shooter is supposed to shoot 2 on each target, some team decides the fastest way would be for the first shooter to shoot 6 on each of the first 4 targets, then the second shooter to just shoot 6 each on the next 4 targets, then the last shooter to shoot 6 on each of the last 4. On this stage every shooter must engage every target at least twice. Stage 6 also requires two shooters to engage the same targets, so both shooters must engage each target there at least twice.

- We will be using palm pilots for scoring. On the palms clay birds and drink bottles will be scored as "steel". One pellet hole in either a clay or a drink bottle will count as a hit. If a drink bottle is knocked down but doesn't have a hole in it we consider it a miss, not a range equipment failure.

- At this match you may never shoot paper with a shotgun. The penalty is one procedural for each occurrence.

- At this match you may never shoot clay birds with either a rifle or a pistol. The penalty is one procedural per occurrence, and you will be responsible for damage to clay bird holder(s) if there is any.

- At this match you may never shoot steel closer than 80 yards with a rifle. The penalty for this is a match DQ, and you will be responsible for any damage to the steel.

- We do not allow green tip, AP, API, penetrator, tracers, steel core, or any other kind of bullets that may damage our steel, or are more prone to ricochet at our club. The penalty for using this ammo is a match DQ and you will be responsible for any damage caused by it. FMJ, HP, polymer tip, or soft points are allowed as long as the core is lead, sintered materials, or something safe.

- If a member of a team is DQed, the rest of the team may continue without him.

Just so you know, we've been running these 3 man 3 guns for years at York, and no one has ever been DQed. We just want you to know ahead of time some of the things that are unacceptable.

- The minimum caliber for pistol is 9mm, rifle is .223, and shotgun is 20ga. We will be scoring everything as major.

-Everyone on your team must meet division requirements and shoot in the same division. Change them at check-in if you need to.

Divisions we will be using:
Limited - iron sighted handguns, iron sighted shotguns, rifle may have iron sights or one non-magnified dot scope. No porting on pistol or shotgun. Shotgun capactiy 8+1. Pistol mags limited to 140mm in length.

Tactical - iron sighted handguns, iron sighted shotguns, rifle may have one scope, and it may be magnified (or dot with magnifier). No porting on pistol or shotgun. Shotgun capactiy 8+1. Pistol mags limited to 140mm in length.

Open - scopes and porting allowed on all guns. Rifle may have more than one scope. Shotgun capactiy 10+1. Pistol mags limited to 170mm in length.

Outlaw Open - anything goes, unlimited capacities, drums for Saigas are fine.

- No guns may be used on full auto, though if you keep the selector on semi it is OK. Full auto = DQ. Supressors are encouraged in Open and Outlaw.

- We will have food and drinks available for purchase. Bring some ones and quarters please.

- Please drive slowly entering and exiting the club grounds. The club speed limit is 10mph.


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