Saturday, October 1, 2011

October USPSA match

Team York proudly presents a double Rifle/Pistol match, Sunday Oct. 9.  You may shoot either or both, of a 5 stage, 111 round minimum pistol and a 4 stage, 68 round minimum rifle. Start times will be 9:00 am and 12:30 pm, with registration opening at 8 am and shooters brief 15 min prior to shooting.  We will recognize all usual pistol divisions, and Tac-irons, Tac-optics, heavy metal and open rifle.

Please email your name, USPSA#, pistol/rifle, am/pm, divisions and squadding preferences to  We will make every effort to honor your requests.

In honor of the uppcoming FNH Multigun, we will be limiting all rifle divisions but for open to 30 round magazine capacity, and I suggest you "know your dope" from 10 to 200 yards, up, down and sideways.



Jeremy M said...

Approx round count for rifle and pistol, please?

Gary S said...

Updated with round count. Thanks Jeremy


Anonymous said...

Gary, will there be a Steel Challenge shoot in Oct this year or would that just not be feasable due to the flood damage?

Kirk M. said...

Steel Challenge shoot October 30, 2011 is ON! We will have at least 6 stages to shoot. Keep an eye on this BlogSpot for further details.

Anonymous said...

To Kirk:

Better bring your A game homie.