Tuesday, January 17, 2012

3 Gun Rifle Ammo

I use 2 types of rifle ammo for my 3 gun shooting.  Primarily as a cost savings.  One is what I call "blaster ammo" and it is for practicing up close shooting where accuaracy is not demanded.  The other is my "accuracy ammo" which I use for longer distance or more precise shooting.

My blaster ammo is almost always 55gr FMJ stuff that may be factory loaded or handloaded.  Loading good rifle ammo is easier than you think and can save you substantial amounts of cash if you shoot a lot.  If you're shooting factory ammo then the brand I prefer is the cheap Federal.  Winchester is OK.  I've shot some S&B with no complaints.  Remington UMC stuff works but I have always found the accuracy to be lacking.  I've never been a fan of the Wolf or Silver Bear stuff.  I've been to Russia and see how they make things.  No thanks.

For accuracy ammo I prefer a 75gr HPBT bullet.  I've had incredible luck with the Hornady Match ammo, and highly recommend it, but there are other kinds and it can be loaded too.  I have also used a good bit of Hornady's Steel Match, which is loaded into steel cases.  I've had no problems with it at all and accuracy is very good.  How good you may ask?  With any of the Hornady factory 75gr loads I expect sub-MOAaccuracy at all distances, and to hit 8" plates at 400 yards every time lying prone using just a magazine for a monopod.  It's still pretty impressive out to 700 yards if I do my part.

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