Monday, January 23, 2012

Spring 3 man 3 gun

The application for the Spring 3 man 3 gun at York is now available at
This is a fillable pdf.  You can type your information right into the blanks and print it and send it to me.  It is much easier to read type written versus hand written, particularly the emails, so please use this feature.

This match usually fills very quickly so don't wait too long to get your team together.  We will take a maximum of 49 teams this year.

We did increase the entry fee a litle for this year, but we're including t-shirts for all 3 team members and I've got some new tricks up my sleeves.  This match is always a load of fun and this year we will outdo ourselves.

We have also figured out several time saving measures to get this match done in a reasonable amount of time this year.

We're doing an optional "play for cash prizes" again this year.  That worked out great last year and adds a dimension to the match that some enjoy and some don't.  Do whatever your team enjoys there.

We look forward to shooting with you.

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Howard C. Thompson said...

Applications are pouring in. Do not delay if you want in this match. And a lot of them are playing for the cash option.

I'll start confirmations later this week.