Monday, January 9, 2012

The local RO Class

 If the Fun Shoot program is to survive it is imperative that we train a cadre of responsible people to help with the operation, and safety oversight of those shoots.  The Fun Shoot program will be greatly curtailed or cancelled if we can’t come up with enough staff to help run the shoots safely and efficiently.   More people are needed to help with the action shooting segment of our program as well, and this class will help participants gain the knowledge and confidence to step up into a greater role at those matches.

Therefore, on Saturday Jan. 28th, we will be teaching a 2 part York Range Officer class.  This is NOT a sanctioned USPSA RO class, but a class aimed at increasing our Local RO Staff here at York, with our own special blend of shooting sports.

The day will consist of 2 sections.  All participants must attend the first, it will cover safety, range procedures, commands and enforcement.  The second, after lunch, will be optional and is intended for those interested in action shooting, and will cover scoring, timers, palms, and things particular to USPSA and multigun matches.

This is a serious position at York, so consider it carefully. Upon completion, participants will be expected to take on the responsibilities of safely running a squad of shooters, have the patience, desire and ability to teach new shooters, and the willingness to enforce safety violations with disqualification.

We will start promptly at 10:00 am at the trap building and we should be done by 2:00 pm.  This class is free  and lunch will be provided.  In order to attend you must be a regular participant in any of our shoots, Fun Shoots, Steel Challenge, Multi-gun or USPSA. 

Preregistration is mandatory.

The instructors for the classes will be Howard Thompson, myself, and other members of our pistol committee so you need not feel nervous or under qualified.  We need your help and want you to succeed.

If you are interested, or wish more information, email me at

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