Tuesday, January 3, 2012

January 8th Stake Shoot

The weather forecast looks great for Sunday, for what a weather forecast is worth, so we're moving forward with the stake shoot. Our stake shoot is an event where teams, which we will draw for or make up by some impromptu method, shoot against a similar team to see who can shoot their board in half first. The weapons of choice for this particular shoot will include centerfire handguns, centerfire carbines, and centerfire semi-auto rifles. No holsters will be necessary for this shoot but are encouraged. It's supposed to be 55 degrees so that shouldn't be an issue. All guns must be unloaded and either holstered or cased at all times except in the designated safety area or under the supervision of a range officer.

There is no pre-registration fo this shoot. Just show up. This shoot will start at 11:00am Sunday. The fee for this shoot will be just $5, for all you can shoot until at least 2:00pm. Bring plenty of ammo and all the magazines you have. Stake shooting is wildly fun but can be an ammo intensive sport. I will personally bring 200 rounds of 9mm for my carbine, 200 rounds of 40 for my pistol, and 200 rounds of 223 for my rifle, maybe more. You can bring less. When you're out of ammo you're done, no harm, no foul. There are no prizes at stake, this is just for kicks.

If you have any questions email me at hkbrt@verizon.net


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