York's first Falling Steel Match is announced!

On October 14th and 15th, York will be hosting our first Falling Steel Match. The match will be a half day format, and consist of 6 stages of 25-35 falling steel targets each. There are 9 gun categories, as well as team options, and you can shoot more than one time slot with the same or different guns.

Think FunShoot on steroids and on the clock!

For more details and the application, go to http://tinyurl.com/York-Falling-Steel

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I'll post a link to more complete results as soon as webmaster has them up, but meanwhile here is an abbreviated set.

Thank you to all who came out and accepted the challenges today.

Team Name Division $ Total
Victorious Secret Limited 1061.55
Peters Limited 1318.64
The Dominators Open   673.65
F3GN Tac Ops $ 438.21
Strike Force Tac Ops $ 488.57
Alias Tac Ops $ 552.59
MHI Chesapeake Tac Ops 581.70
High drag, low speed Tac Ops 593.09
Tantric Tac Ops 614.82
One man short Tac Ops 627.74
3A Tac Ops 631.39
Team Bucky Tac Ops 652.54
BMG Tac Ops 663.42
Lancer Tac Ops 672.68
Midwest PX Tac Ops 676.68
MEK Tac Ops 736.87
Essex Thunder Tac Ops 748.97
AP Tactical Tac Ops 761.01
OB Cats Rejects 2 Tac Ops 769.48
Gun Connection Tac Ops 770.65
Zeno Tac Ops 775.19
Three Stooges Tac Ops 790.25
BSP Tac Ops 813.30
Bagman Tactical Tac Ops 815.47
JVL Tac Ops 930.92
DS5 Tac Ops 946.11
We're faking it Tac Ops 949.91
Hits and misses Tac Ops 962.10
Recoil Therapy Tac Ops 997.00
Pansanity Tac Ops 1007.11
Havoc Tac Ops 1020.90
Scrapple Tac Ops 1033.30
Canned Heat Tac Ops 1035.93
Team thunderstick Tac Ops 1048.05
Cool Breeze Tac Ops 1095.55
Brass Masters Tac Ops 1129.17
Dazed and Confused Tac Ops 1273.43
Tango Uniform Tac Ops 1318.99
Mostly Harmless Tac Ops 1765.64


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