Thursday, September 13, 2012

September Funshoot Date Change

Our September Funshoot will be held on Sept 29th, the 5th Saturday of this month.  This is a change from our published schedule, please make a note of it.  We will be hosting a many stage, ammo eating, falling steel shoot, with a YorkIWLA style twist, which is sure to be a hit. There will be many ways to shoot it, with handgun, pistol carbine or shotgun, or some combination, and the round count will be between about 75 and however much you can bring, so start loading/hoarding now.
Signup won't officially start until the 23rd, when I post the gruesome details, so all requests will be not be acknowledged until after then.
Make plans, you are not gonna want to miss this one.


Greg Senft said...

Gary, have you considered a Zombie Shoot for October?

Anonymous said...

Checking every hour... Waiting to.sign up :-)


Paul said...

Hang loose, a lot of the IWLA shooters were out of town last week for the FNH 3 Gun Championship. Announcement might be a little behind this week.

Anonymous said...

Are the 50 yrd and 100/200 yrd rifle ranges open on Friday (28th)?