Friday, September 28, 2012

A few FunShoot questions answered

All starts will be nominally for the low ready, although for this one, that will be RO discretion.  If two competitors are competent in safe holster draws, they may do so.

Multiple guns may be used.  The stages are designed for one gun at a time, but if you can figure a way to safely do so, and your RO agrees, then by all means have a ball.  We have provided dump barrels and such.
This month it is about shooting options.

A note on ammo:  As usual, steel core, incindiary, etc etc, is prohibited, simply due to the damage potential to our steel and range.  Something that may not have occurred to you is rimfire ammo.  ONLY .22lr standard velocity and slower rimfire is allowed.  .22 Stinger, hyper velocity stuff, .177HMWhatever, all are fast enough to damage our steel.  Anyone caught using these destructive ammo's will be asked to leave for the day, and assessed a cash fine to replace our target  ('spensive stuff....)



Joseph Wilkinson said...

I had a great time shooting with you guys today. Thanks for putting it on.

Gary S said...

You are welcome. We aim to please.

Paul Korick said...

As always we had a great time! really cool format, lots of rounds!

Anybody happen to find/turn in a pair of wire rimmed glasses? Misplaced mine there on Saturday.


The Koricks,

Gun said...

I have shot balloons with my pistol.