Friday, September 7, 2012

Team 3 gun info

- We will have food and drinks available for purchase at this match. The same group that did food at the spring match will be doing food again this match. It was very popular and they're making more this time. Bring a few extra dollars and an appetite. Their prices are always reasonable and the food is very good.

- The stages are posted and available at The walk-throughs will take precedent over anything on these working drawings. Target numbers may change. It is more likely to have more targets than less. Bring plenty of ammo.

- Match day schedule:
7:30am final set up - please lend a hand if you can

8:00am Captains check in at stats - Mandatory

8:50am Captain check in closes - You must be checked in by 8:50am.

9:00am Captain's briefing - Mandatory for team captains, optional for everyone

9:45am Match briefing - Mandatory for everyone

10:00am Shooting begins

- There will be several marked safety areas. These will be the only places you may work on your guns, make adjustments, let your buddies fondle them etc. You may uncase them and load them to your carts or holster, etc at your vehicles. During the match long guns may be carried in carts, in cases or on slings. You may not carry them carelessly between stages. Sweeping people with firearms whether loaded or not is at the very least inconsiderate, and may result in a match DQ for unsafe gun handling. We haven't had problems with this in the past I just want to remind you.

- We will require the use of chamber flags. We will have them availble for purchase if you don't have them.

- I have not attached scoresheets for this match. All shooters shoot the same guns throughout the match this time so it is not necessary to plan for rotation. There are places on the stages to shoot easier or harder targets however.

- If a team member backs out at the last minute come anyway. I know there are teams already looking for shooters, and at least one spare guy who plans on showing up to see if he's needed somewhere.

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