Saturday, November 3, 2012

November USPSA match

On Sunday, November 11th, we will be hosting a 6 stage USPSA match in which all 6 stages will be classifiers.

The entry fee will be $20 and there will only be one time slot 9:00am.  We will finish set up and registration at 8:00am and match briefing will be at 8:45am.

To sign up for this match email us at and tell us your:
- Name
- Division
- Anyone you wish ot be squadded with.

We will only be taking 40 shooters, and the round count is under 50 rounds so this match should go very quickly. The entire match will be shot in the back pits, and the registration and match briefing will be near the back gate.

There will be no multi-gun options available this month, and you may not use rifle or shotgun to shoot this match. It would be possible to use a pistol caliber carbine and shoot it for fun.

Some of us will be shooting Monday, 11/5 at 12:00pm for score because we have conflicts on match day.  If you would like to shoot Monday let us know and you will be welcome to join us.

There is some possibility some of us will shoot Saturday the 10th for score.  Please comment if that interests you, and if there is sufficient interest we will arrange it.


Mike Stephens said...

FYI, road closure reminder for shooters that use US 222 to visit York: Rt 222 southbound only will be closed between Adamstown & Denver for bridgework from 9pm 11/9 until 6am 11/12. Please plan on using an alternative route or leave yourself plenty of extra time.

Howard C. Thompson said...

There is not enough interest in to run the match on Saturday also.

Anonymous said...

Had a great time shooting today and meeting some new people... Great time!!

Kevin Downing