Sunday, October 28, 2012

October FunShoot results

Here they be.  Thanks again for yet another fun day, and all the work you all did. We at York are truly blessed with the quality of folks that hang out with us.  The FunShoot is shutdown until January, but fear not, there is one more Action shoot in a few weeks.



Timed Points
Centerfire Iron Auto  Centerfire Iron Auto  Multigun
Tom L 377.41
William H 555.52 Rob S 820 Jim W 540.98
Gregg T 535.82 Nate D 610
Jim H 271.77 Jeff H 1040
Corey G 348.39 Joe M 1170
Dave W 230.99 Greg S
Paul W 247.67
Kevin D 226.57
Paul K 426.1
Lee H 393.51
Joseph S 240.49
Dianna R 629.47
Sam R 438.47
Buddy K 232.82
Centerfire Scoped Auto
Robert T 113.69
Rimfire Iron Auto
Mary H 349.03

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Anonymous said...

Had a great time shooting and meeting some new people. Will definitely be back!!