Friday, March 8, 2013

3m3g stages

The stages are posted:

If you enjoyed the stages from last year, you're going to love these!  Be sure to get your applications submitted, as space is limited.  Don't miss the most fun you can have with three firearms and three buddies.

The application is here:


Howard C. Thompson said...

A couple of you have noticed these are the same stages we used last fall. That is true.

They were good stages and I couldn't think of anyway to improve on them.

However, anytime you take a stage from paper to the ground it ends up different. You'll be able to use these to game plan, and they will be close enough that your plan should work, but keep in mind we always reserve the right to make changes.

I can already tell you that some of the steel on the rifle range may be bigger or smaller than the drawing, and I don't know what ports on the V-tacs will be used.

We may be using Texas stars on pit 7 instead of static plates.

On pit 6 expect some no shoots.

Pit 5 may have different spacing and distances, but the numbers should be the same.

On pit 2 we will probably reverse the drink bottles and clays.

Rick Z. said...

For future team 3-gun matches, consider posting in advance on the Blog for people to email you with their ideas for stages or their fully developed stage designs. You might get 1-2 good ideas.