Sunday, March 3, 2013

March Action Match

On Sunday, March 10th York will be hosting a "Blasphemous Steel Match".  This is our new and improved Steel Challenge like shoot that allows for multi-gun options.

You can use a single gun, either a pistol, shotgun, or pistol caliber carbine, or a combination of them.  Allowable calibers include 22lr, or any pistol caliber with a power factor less than 140.  Factory 9mm should be fine, but 40s, 45's and 38 supers would have to be loaded down.  If you're not sure please ask.  We're shooting steel targets very close and don't want to damage the steel or any of us.

There will be 4 stages and you will shoot each of them multiple times.   If you are shooting a single gun the minimum round count will be 80.  If you're shooting 2 or 3 gun multi-gun you will need 40 for each firearm minimum.

Gear questions answered:
- Mags?  If you're shooting one gun it would be nice to have 4, but you only need 3 for each if you're shooting 2 guns, and you would only need 2 for each if you're shooting 3 guns.  They don't have to be high caps.  In theory you will only use 5 rounds out of each.
- Reloads? In theory you will never have to reload while the clock is running.  Everything can be done with 5 rounds from each gun (minimum).
- Shot?  7.5 or 8 please.
- Holsters?  Belts, holsters, mag pouches etc. will be handy but are not mandatory.  Everything could come from the tables if you like.  Default start positions are low ready.  Guns on tables will be loaded and safeties on.
- Beginners?  Yes, this would be a great introduction to action shooting and/or multi-gun.

The 9:30 time slot is now full.  We still have slots available at 12:30.

The entry fee will be $15, and there will be a $5 cash prize option.  To be eligible for the cash prizes, which will go deep, you will need to shoot the closest thing we have to Tac Ops:  Centerfire iron sighted handgun, iron sighted shotgun, and any pistol caliber or 22lr carbine (either scoped or irons).  This is what we expect most people to shoot, although just about anything is possible.

To sign up email us at with your name, preferred time slot, and anyone you would like to be squadded with.  We don't need to know what gun(s) you will be shooting until Sunday.

Keep an eye on for updates.  Particularly as pertains to the weather.  There is some possibility of a storm towards the weekend.  We will proceed with the match and hope for the best.   Check the blog before you leave the house in the morning Sunday if you have any doubt.

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Howard C. Thompson said...

The 9:30am time slot is now full. We still have spots left at 12:30.