Sunday, March 24, 2013

Rules and Scoring Quiz 3

Hopefully by now you've taken Quiz 1.  If you haven't you should probably do it first.  The post for quiz 1 also includes a link to the rules and the scoresheets we will be using.  Here is a link to that post:

And here's the link to Quiz 2 just in case you haven't done that one yet:

Here's Quiz 3, and remember this is self graded.  The answers are in the comments.  If you have any further questions don't hesitate to email me.

1. Competitor "Q" is clearing a jam in his pistol and the round goes off in a safe direction.  What is the call?  Is there a penalty?

2. In Quiz 2 I asked if you could use a 48 round magazine in your rifle in Tactical Scoped (Tac Ops) division and the answer was no.  The mag must fit in a box 3" wide, by 7.5" long by 1" tall, thereby effectively making Tac Ops (and Tac Lim) 30 round rifle divisions.   I forgot to ask what the penalty is for doing so.  Competitor "R" completes a course of fire and has used a illegal magazine.  What is the correct penalty for doing so?

3a.  In all divisions other than Open how many rounds may be in a competitors shotgun at the start signal unless otherwise stipulated?

3b. In Open division how many rounds may be in a competitors shotgun at the start signal unless otherwise stipulated?

4. What is the minimum rifle caliber for both Heavy Metal Scoped and Heavy Metal Limited divisions?

5. Competitor "S" completes stage 8 in 100.11 seconds and has his required hits on all of his targets except for one 300 yard piece of steel he had just plain forgotten about and never even shot at.  What will his total time be for this stage?


Howard C. Thompson said...

1. This is a Disqualifiction for Accidental Discharge during a remedial action. Rule 2.4.4 (unless the round "detonated" while exiting the gun by hitting the extractor or something resulting in the round going off, but not exiting via the barrel rule This is rare but does happen. Generally the report is more of a pop and is much quieter than the round going off in a normal manner)

2. A score of 500 seconds for the course of fire. Rule

3a. 9 rounds total. Rules,, and

3b. There is no limit for Open division.

4. .30 cal in the minimum. Rules and

5. 100.11 seconds plus a 30 second penalty for "un-hit long range target not engaged" Rule = 130.11 seconds.

Corey G said...

Howard you may wish to remove a previous answer from Quiz two questions two or clarify more. You previously stated 2. "Rule specifies that rifle magazines in Tac Ops may not exceed 7.5" in length. Basically only 30 round, or less, mags without base pads may be used. No 48 rounders, no Beta mags, no Surefire mags. The penalty for getting caught is you get moved to open."

Is it You are moved to Open or 500 Sec score or both. On that same note something I sometimes see is the old Flashlight on the rail on a pistol. Which buy the rules constitutes a barrel weight and should be used in open class only. However you see guys in the Tac Div using one, if you catch them after a run is that the same ruling moved to Open, 500 Sec or both?

Howard C. Thompson said...

I was wrong in Quiz 2 and nobody caught me. Not even Larry, who wrote the rules. Eventually I caught myself, hence the rewrite. Unfortunately I can't edit a comment, and if I delete it and re-comment then my comment won't be first unless I delete everyones.

There is no prohibition of flashlights or even barrel weights in Tac Ops.

Anonymous said...

Question #1: If the competitor immediately says he pulled the trigger and fired in a safe direction to test for proper function, do you take his word for it if you couldn't see the trigger finger?

Question 1 again: Rule states that the remedial action is completed when the gun can fire again. So, how can firing in a safe direction be part of the remedial action? Wouldn't the discharge posited in the question be a valid shot (perhaps poorly aimed) AFTER the remedial action had been completed?

Howard C. Thompson said...

No, the question says "while clearing" not after clearing. Even if he is says he was finished clearing the jam unless he is actively involved in taking a sight picture he is guilty of unsafe gun handling. Rules 2.4.1 through 2.4.6 are examples of unsafe gun handling but are not the only possibilities. Firing indiscriminately even if in a safe direction is unsafe.

Larry Houck said...

I agree

Larry Houck said...

I was giving them a chance

George Dorbert said...

Mr. H,
As Corey G stated above regarding the light as a weight I also recall reading that in previous rules, I went back and reread every division but did not see it in any of the handgun portions for the rules that we will be following now. If I can dig it up I'll add it to a different post.