Friday, July 26, 2013

BLASPHEMOUS Steel Match - Rule Change

Rules specific to multi-gun:
The shooter may start with any gun. If the first gun to be used is a long gun or pistol the start position will be gun loaded, at low ready below their first target. At the start signal all other guns will be flat on table, loaded, and safety on.As a shooter finishes with one gun he must place the gun on the table (never a holster) in a safe condition (either completely empty, or safety engaged) pointing downrange.
The safety of a previously used gun must be on prior to picking up the next gun.  The penalty for not doing so is a Stage DQ with a resulting stage score of 90 seconds.  The shooter may not shoot any remaining strings of that stage for any purpose.  The shooter may continue the match.
The shooter only has to be concerned about the Stop Plate with the last gun he will use.  The targets shot with previous guns may be engaged in any order.  The Stop Plate appropriate to the last gun used must be the last plate shot.


Marty said...

The original post said Rimfire Pistol. Is this a change or a typo?

Kirk M. said...

No typo. Any pistol, rimfire or center fire starts low ready. Don't want people drawing from the holster.

Tom said...

So Holsters are not required. Correct?

Kirk M. said...