Sunday, July 14, 2013

July 21st Action Matches

On Sunday, July 21st we will be having 2 matches at York Izaak Walton.  You may sign up for either or both.  Please read the entire email before signing up, and be sure to send your sign up email to the correct email address.

Back pits match:  5 stages.  You may use pistol only, carbine only(normal pistol calibers), or rifle and pistol in a multi-gun format.  I'm not encouraging 22lr because it may not some of the steel down that activates moving targets or the Texas star, but I'm not disallowing it either.  If you want to shoot the back let me know if you want to shoot it at 9:00 or 12:30, and whether you're shooting pistol, carbine, or rifle and pistol.  It will be helpful for squadding, but not absolutely necessary to tell me what division you'll be shooting and anyone you would like to be squadded with.  The match fee will be $20, and there will not be any kind of payouts.  I can only guess at round counts but I would think 100 of each would be more than enough, but I'd hate to run out, bring some extra. 200 if you're shooting carbine.   If you bring too much and don't want to drag it home I'll keep it for you.

Front pits match: 4 stages.  We're going to try something different this month.  You will need to have both a shotgun, and centerfire rifle (AR or similar) for this one. No pistol. The shotgun will be mostly shot, but there will be a few slugs needed.  Bring 75 shot and 10 slugs and you should have some left for me.  The rifle will be mostly under 50 yards, say 50 rounds worth, and some longer shots, maybe even an honest 200 yards I'm thinking 12 - 15 rounds minimum, but you know how that goes.  If you want to shoot the front let me know if you want 9:00 or 12:30 and what division you will be shooting as well as anyone you would like to be squadded with.  The match fee will also be $20, and there will not be any kind of payouts.

If you are shooting both the front and the back and don't care which order let me know that too and really makes squadding a lot easier if I have that leeway.

The sign up email for these matches is  You will receive a confirmation email within a day or two if I got yours.

Be sure to read the previous post about our Steel Match on Saturday the 27th too.


Gary S said...

There will be Remington Reduced Recoil slugs available for purchase, for $1.00 each.

Greg Senft said...

Gary, I'll take you up on the reduced recoil slug offer. All I have now is Remington Sluggers which are probably too hot.