Sunday, July 21, 2013

Rifle/Pistol results

Dropbox isn't working.  Our webmaster must be out of town.  Totals is the best I can do for now.  If you're really  in desperate need of results with stage times email me.

Name R/S DIV Total
Howard Thompson TO 106.66
Jonathan Cowen TO 110.63
Kirk McWilliams TO 120.72
Buddy Knight TO 137.33
Kevin Downing TO 158.60
Brian Cashman TO 158.91
Paul Nowotarski TO 166.06
Bill Hostler TO 174.34
Joe Padian TO 178.37
Bobby Schmelz TO 197.60
Jim Stauffer  TO 204.69
Jim Sheehy TO 208.22
Mike Sherman TO 249.47
Gary Swope TO 258.99
Allen Evler TO 263.26
Bill Lehman TO 292.38
Rachael Granico TO 302.41
Greg Senft TO 310.67
Paul Scarborough TO 335.01
Dave Williams TO 345.43
Greg Pigg TO 420.28
Jim Scheler TO 433.14
Jimmy Nomikos TO 443.94
Phil Matte TO 453.98
Bernie Rhee TO 466.40
Nick Brunnet TO 505.22
Jeremy Bruner TO 549.22
Ed Fowler Open 373.79
Ric Torres Lim 489.86

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