Friday, July 12, 2013

York BLASPHEMOUS Steel Match

                   July 27, 2013

Match can be shot as a 1, 2 or 3 multigun match (pistol, rifle and/or shotgun).
- Carbines must be either 22lr or pistol caliber cartridges.
- All ammunition must have a velocity less than 1300fps.
- All rifle and carbine ammunition must be of less than 150 power factor
- All shotgun ammunition must be bird shot size 7.5 or 8, and must be low brass.

Match details:
6 Stages
Available slots: 60
Registration: 8:15am – 8:45am
Match Starts: 9:00am
Match Fee:  1 gun $ 15.00. 2 guns $20.00, 3 guns $25.00

Video from our last match:
** Video shot by one of our frequent participants Ethan.

Entry details: (confirmations will be emailed back).
Email entry:  (Take out XXX before emailing)
Number of guns being shot:
Squad requests:

Match Structure:
Some stages will resemble Steel Challenge stages closely, but others will be original.
The basic rules will remain the same for those shooting one gun, except they will only be shooting 4 strings.  Only three will count for score.  Start positions and penalties are the same.
Pistols and rifles will use the Steel Challenge plates and they will be painted white as in the past, and shotguns will use a second grey set of plates that may display movement, but will not need to be manually reset.  Both sets will have a designated stop plate.
If a shooter is using 2 guns he will only shoot 3 strings and the best 2 will count for score.  Any two guns may be used i.e. shotgun and pistol, or shotgun and carbine, or pistol and carbine.
If a shooter is shooting 3 guns he will only shoot 2 strings, and only one will count for score.  The 3 guns used must include a pistol, a shotgun, and a carbine.

Rules specific to multi-gun:
The shooter may start with any gun. If the first gun to be used is a long gun or a rimfire pistol the start position will be gun loaded, at low ready, and pointed at the flag.
If the first gun to be used is a centerfire handgun the start position will be wrists above shoulders, and handgun loaded and holstered.
At the start signal all other guns will be flat on table, loaded, and safety on, with the exception of centerfire handguns which will always start in holster, safety on.
As a shooter finishes with one gun he must place the gun on the table (never a holster) in a safe condition (either completely empty, or safety engaged) pointing downrange.
The safety of a previously used gun must be on prior to picking up or drawing the next gun.  The penalty for not doing so is a Stage DQ with a resulting stage score of 90 seconds.  The shooter may not shoot any remaining strings of that stage for any purpose.  The shooter may continue the match.
The shooter only has to be concerned about the Stop Plate with the last gun he will use.  The targets shot with previous guns may be engaged in any order.  The Stop Plate appropriate to the last gun used must be the last plate shot.

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