Monday, July 13, 2009

Steel Challenge Complete and Successful!

The 1st Annual PA State Steel Challenge is complete and it was very successful. I would like to thank all of our competitors, staff and sponsors, for their support.

The results are available at

Match Director Kirk McWilliams did an incredible job, especially when you consider it was his first attempt at the MD position. He has told me it was quite the learning experience. Be sure to thank the guys who take on that responsibilty when you see them. If you've never done it you cannot imagine the time and energy it requires. Without them there would be no matches.

Though we didn't have as much staff as we would have liked, we are thankful for the extremely dedicated crew we had. Several of them didn't even have time to shoot the match they worked so diligently. Again, be sure to thank your ROs as we need them too.

We are thankful to our sponsors Nevco Targets, AC Delco, Shooting Sports Training, GT Targets, and 511 gear. Be sure to remember them when you're shopping. Between these sponsors and some cash we set aside we were able to give out almost $3000 in door prizes. We hope to have back all of these sponsors and more for next year.

We will also be mailing checks totaling over $1500 to the following based on their performance:

1st Lim Todd Jarrett $220
2nd Lim James McGinity $120
3rd Lim Scott Warren $60

1st Open Todd Jarrett $137.50
2nd Open James McGinity $75
3rd Open Mike DiGennaro $37.50

1st Prod Dave Ohlhasso $170.50
2nd Prod Greg Jordan $93
3rd Prod Noel Robleto $46.50

1st Rev Iron Dave Ohlhasso $60.50
2nd Rev Iron Josh Lentz $33

1st Rev Optic Dave Ohlhasso $38.50

1st RF Iron Greg Jordan $99
2nd RF Iron Bucky Pollard $54
3rd RF Iron Jeff Bucchin $27

1st RF Optic James McGinity $126.50
2nd RF Optic Rich Labrocca $69
3rd RF Optic Paul Dandini $34.50

We learned a lot this year and have many improvements coming for next year. We hope to see you then.

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Anonymous said...

Any results from the side shotgun match?