Thursday, October 25, 2012

The future of action shooting at York

I received an email today asking if we were really giving up USPSA shooting at York Izaak Walton.  This is the reply I sent:

"Yes, it does mean the end of USPSA at York Izaak Walton.

We have decided that USPSA is no longer representative of our needs. We have decided to continue action shooting, with pistols, as well as multi-gun, in a manner very similar to USPSA but without their rules or scoring system. The rules of USPSA are very restrictive and change so often that we can't keep them straight. Their scoring system is unnecessarily complicated and time consuming. By dropping USPSA we will also be saving the club a great deal of money on the activity fees we paid to USPSA. In 2011 it was about $2000.00. Set up for non-USPSA matches is infinitely easier and faster.

Action shooting is stronger than ever at York and it will easier to set up and more fun to shoot without USPSA. We will be using a form of IMGA rules and Time plus scoring. We ran a beta test last at month's match and it was universally approved. Without USPSA we will have more variety of targets to choose from and more leeway in designing courses of fire. Safety will remain our foremost concern, and keeping action shooting enjoyable for both shooters and our staff will be second.

All of your current equipment will remain competitive and the divisions are so similar to those of USPSA that you won't have to change anything.

November 11th will be our last USPSA match and it will be a 7 stage match with 6 classifiers, so if your classification matters to you we will provide one last opportunity."
This is not an invitation to sign up.  Expect that around November 4th.


John said...

York IWLA has always had a well run and diverse pistol committee. I'm glad to see that continue and keep your club moving forward.
If breaking with USPSA, I suppose that also is a departure from Steel Challenge as well. My only hope is that you will still hold steel challenge-style matches occasionally. I've always seen them as we'll attended and fun matches to shoot in. (Plus its a nice use of those steel plates you invested in!!)

Howard C. Thompson said...

At this point we are considereing keeping the PA State Steel Challenge for 2013.

Robert Patierno said...

This is the smart move. Congrats on your decision and good luck with the move.