Thursday, May 23, 2013

A few FunShoot details

4 stages for score; a 5th for goofy:  Divisions will be,
Pistol only: Irons, optics, revolver, auto; timed and not timed.
Pistol/ Carbine
There will be no distinction between rimfire/centerfire or Revolver/Auto in multigun divisions. Multigun divisions will all be timed for score.  We will be using time plus scoring, and targets will be specified as to which gun may engage what.

As always, there will be an IDC class, for those who don't.

More details tomorrow, by noonish.
OK, never mind, we'll figure it out in the morning....



Paul said...

I figured out how I'm keeping score for the funshoot!

Stage 1)Pistol / Shotgun - Time Plus
Stage 2)Pistol only - USPSA / IDPA
Stage 3)Pistol / Rifle - FNH Rules
Stage 4)Rifle / Shotgun - IDC
Stage 5)PPC paper / center 2 rings get double score!
Goofy Stage) Hand Grenades / Closest to the target wins......
Of course there are the centerfire/rimfire classes sorted by age group and weight class!!
I'm pretty sure Gary can keep it all figured out!!
LOL!! ;)

Gary S said...

Good Lord Paul, GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!! How did you guess!