Monday, May 20, 2013

York May FunShoot

Confirms did NOT go out last night as promised.  No worries, there is plenty of room, as we are only up to about 40 shooters. I should have all admin things ready tonight, if I can get myself home at a decent hour....

We should have a 5th goof off stage in pit 8, just in case you get bored with steel....

Team York presents our May FunShoot, this coming Saturday, May the 25th.  Thanks to our incredible advance day crew, we will be having an awesome 4 stage Man-on-Man type steel shoot in the back pits.

This will be open to most any combination of pistol, pistol caliber carbine and shotgun you can think of, so bring one or bring all.
There will be the formal options of timed/untimed, scored/unscored and IDC.  And if you want to just plink your way thru, you certainly may, no pressure.
I will have specific stage descriptions for those who wish to be measured publicly, and I will post scores.  I will announce the scoring classes when I think of them, here and in your confirms, which will start coming out Wednesday sometime.

Registration at 8, I should think, and in the back by the big shed, shooting by 9.  Cost $15 for adults, $5 for the younger set.

More details to follow soon.

So, signup now at



Joseph Hagan said...

Looking forward to trying out my new .22LR carbine!

Gary S said...

I don't see a sign up email from you Joe....

Paul said...

Get signed up Joe!!
I have a new .22LR conversion for my AR15! I'll need somebody with a .22 rifle to shoot the man on man stages with!!