Thursday, May 23, 2013

Complete results for May Action Match

Complete results for May Action Match are available at

There is one correction that I hadn't sent our webmaster before he posted them, and I don't know if it's worth changing now.  The score listed for Jeremy Missimer is not his.  I can't read the name and wrongly attributed it to him.  It does look like the first name starts with a J.  So if your score is missing from the results it might be you.  Jeremy's real scores were Pit 8 14.83, Pit 7 35.08, Pit 6 41.00, Pit 5 43.99 and Pit 4 40.72 for a total of 175.62 This would move him up to 10th place.

Overall, I think everyone had a great day, and enjoyed the stages.  We'll see you again in June.  If you're not signed up yet there are still available slots on Saturday.

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