Sunday, August 17, 2008

More Alaska pics

A mother moose and calf right along side the road across from Eilison Air Force base. We were stopped in the middle of the road and Kristy was just taking pictures right next to the "Do not stop, or take pictures sign". While she was taking pictures of the moose Ben and I were watching two F16s taxi out and take off side by side about 100 yards from us. It was really cool. It was also interesting that they had no markings on them and one was a woodland camo and the other was a blue and grey camo scheme. I know that is a big jet fighter training base where they dog fight.
Sea Lions we saw on our harbor cruise out of Seward. We also saw whales and seals and all kinds of marine life.
Ben and I at Exit Glacier. I cropped out the signs that say not to be where we are. We had to touch it.

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