Sunday, August 3, 2008

Saturday Setup

Many, Many, Many Thanks to the 8 of you that showed up, you worked hard, and got evrything in the back done that we could in 2 1/5 hrs. When I got there, Jeff K was finishing up the last of the tree that disgraced pit 7, thanks to those who weilded chain saws this week.

This month Howard setup a small review of the Summer Blast, for those of you who didn't make it there... But beware! there are traps and changes for those of you who were! Here are a couple of hints...

Oh no! Not the dredded sled again!
Paul N and John Z at work, with a little suprise..

CM 99-45 being artfully assembled
by Dave R and Tom L

Ok, now you know Paul N is responsible for this little slice of heaven...Ok I asked him too...

That's all for now, I might publsh funshoot results in a day or two, or at least a link.

See you all Sunday, early!


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