Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Steel Challenge Sunday

There are currently 45 guns signed up for the SC on Sunday. There are a few more slots available, but I wouldn't wait too long to get signed up if you haven't already.

A couple observations:
- Carbine is huge. Everyone must have realized how fun it is.
- Both Rimfire Scoped and Iron sighted are very popular too. Everyone must have figured out how inexpensive 22s are when compared to centerfire.
- Everyone can't shoot on Robby Orent's squad. I understand he launched some kind of Facebook page campaign. Many thanks to Robby for promoting our match, but there are going to be about 20 disappointed people. (and 6 or 7 lucky ones, and I can be bribed)

The weather forecast is for clear but cool Saturday. It's going to be a great day to shoot rimfire or carbine. Besides the reasons stated above, you don't need a holster and belt for rimfire or carbine. I'll just carry my mags in my jacket pocket, and my pistol in a gun rug, and I'll stay toasty warm. look at me, using my head for something other than a hat rack this time.


Jeremy M said...

Who's Robby Orent?

Anonymous said...

Robby stealing your thunder

Anonymous said...

This is hilarious.

Jeremy don't hate, you so were the first who wanted to shoot with me!!! ;)~

Mr. Thompson,

If you have a bunch of slots still open, I can forward your match details to our local club down here.

Thank you,